Caesar ? Smart ?

Luke ch 2 v 1 "And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed." This scripture is testament to the fact that the powers that rule over the people are clearly at times hell bent on control, profiting from the populous and also quite often keen on basically bludging off the worker. In order to tax the people, you of course need to count them and therefore give them a number, after doing this it is fairly easy to follow up and take the revenue that is deemed necessary by either a voluntary submission or if need be by force. We are all quite aware of the scripture in the book of Revelation that lines up the the people eventually being forced into taking the famous,  mark of the beast and like me I'm sure that you are probably always keen for an update on this type of technology. But first I would like to take you back a few years to around 2006.

My wife had made friends with a lady who had just moved from South Africa with her husband and children, one evening we were invited to go around and have coffee as my wife and her had been discussing end time topics and she had said that her husband had quite an insight into the matter. When we arrived we were sat down in the lounge room as if we were new Christians and believe me when he was finished running through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over a period of an hour or so I felt as if I was a new Christian . His insight was amazing, he drew parallels with the Bible and life in general that had my full attention and I made the comment that he should be teaching this in the church. His answer to me was that he had no desire to do so and was very clear that the church was heading in the wrong direction. Now there's a topic that a thousand articles could be written about. Now the comment he made that got my attention was how the Government was going to begin push the word "Smart" in all of their programs and that it would be a type of brain washing device that if you didn't agree with you would obviously be made feel unintelligent. Since then this word "smart," has not only been the addition to so many Government names but also business names as well. Then he said that he had figured this out some fifteen years before hand, long before it had been applied to the public here in Australia.

Smart Sparrow, Smart Infrastructure, Smart and Skilled.......Smart this and Smart that, its everywhere.

Fairly recently there has been a number of watches that have entered the Smart world, one is called the Huawei, which very cleverly has the capability of reading your heart rate as you are performing different activities. So clearly this thing responds to the body like any other Smart type technology. Another is the Samsung Gear S which after watching the review on Youtube I had to slap myself as I was thinking of how cool it was. I tell you people, the uneducated and especially the young are going to flock to this thing.... you can even make a telephone call on this device just like Michael Knight in the old TV series Knight Rider......Clearly this technology has been planted into our minds long before it has been released to the public. Gradualism is a powerful weapon which is why we need to be on our toes in these last days.

The transition now from smart ON your hand to smart IN your hand is that much closer its ridiculous and aren't they clever how they have made the transition, to make the hesitant emotion of implanting something into your hand some what more acceptable by first placing it on your hand.

Very Smart.