What Do They Have In Mind Next ?

A house divided will not stand the book of Mark tells us and it makes perfect sense, I personally have seen many a marriage end unfortunately to the dividing of the parents because of interference of children or quite often from parties outside the family entirely. I have also seen the same conclusion to some business's that were thriving at one stage and the turn of the next corner they are in dire straights. I have seen Church's grow and then fade back because of pastors preaching their gospel according to what ever and not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It troubles me and frustrates me, to the point sometimes that I have to remember that the scriptures ultimately point to the return of the greatest King that ever walked the earth, and when he does come every knee will drop to the ground. This is a very short article to inspire you to continue to unite in one accord, according to the pure word of God, because the following YouTube clip is proof of how the enemy has united according to pure evil. The evil of The New World Order, Short article, long clip, it will get your attention. My concern is that when David Rockefeller said,  "All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order"....what do they have in mind next ? ..............because this clip is a doozy.