There are many verses through out scripture that confirm and reinforce what I am teaching here in this series of articles, this being part 2. The revelation of Biblical truth relating to the prophetic star signs of the Zodiac or Hebrew name of the exact same study known as the Mazzaroth, is not just based on an isolated scripture here and there. On the contrary it is a real truth interwoven through the entire Bible from beginning to end and which is full of these heavenly star sign quotations in this regard. Consider that it was a star and accompanying sign that introduced the long awaited messiah Jesus Christ. Here are some more references, for example let me refer to the book of Job 9:7, “God commands the sun, and it rises not; He seals up the stars. :8 He alone spreads out the heavens, and treads upon the waves of the sea. :9 He who made Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south.”

The reason I am laboriously detailing the truths of the heavenly signs of the Mazzaroth (Zodiac), is to present the evidence to show the majority of the ignorant and unenlightened Christian community, that the message of the star signs is nothing short of incredible. It is certainly not fantasy nor is it simple coincidence, but on the contrary, it is a very definite and critical part of Gods revelation and redemptive process in order to reach humanity to communicate the message of Gods grace and salvation.

Time and space in an article like this, to explain such an amazing and fantastic subject, is almost impossible as the content and information is so vast, both within scripture and comparing other historical volumes, I find it absolutely incredible that so few individuals know anything about it. The very concerning issue here is, what we term mindsets or preconceptions, because so many God fearing folk will totally repudiate the information contained in this article without even giving time to study or research the facts.

The reason for this is, the defence of old mindsets or views taught in the past and now accepted as fundamental doctrine without further consideration or debate that can be substantiated in scripture. This attitude and thinking makes it so difficult to even be considered biblically acceptable, let alone relevant. Most Christians minds have been so immunised and inoculated with half truths against actual truth, they can not even accept or recognise real truth when it is presented to them.

But my labour of love demonstrated here in this document, is firstly to enlighten ones to what is actually taught in scripture regarding the Zodiac (Mazzaroth) star signs. Secondly, to establish the very foundation of what is declared in scripture to be the validation of one of the greatest prophetic signs that mankind will ever witness. Most, because of the mindset preconception issue mentioned above, will not even venture to read this article, others will reject it out of hand as heresy, while others will attack me as being new age or even occultist.

But contrary to all the negative comment that this article is bound to stir up, I will now make mention of perhaps the most important of all scriptural references and that is referencing the nineteenth Psalm. The entire psalm is devoted to the message of salvation and Gods grace with forgiveness to all men. The Psalm has 14 verses and roughly the first half of them is devoted to what is termed the gospel or message written in the stars, whereas the remaining half of the Psalm, is totally directed at the written gospel message of salvation in the ancient scrolls, or what is our modern Bible. The Bible conveys the very same message but written on the pages of scripture, rather than the woven symbolic tapestry written in the astronomical heavens.

This concept presented here is not just my idea or perception, but it has been taught and presented by many theologians and historical authorities with well known and trusted credentials far I excess to any claim of insight, I could make. One of these men was an Anglican clergyman and a recognised biblical scholar, who lived from 1837 till 1913. His name was Ethelbert William Bullinger, who obtained a Doctorate of Divinity degree in 1881 from Archibald Campbell Tait, Archbishop of Canterbury, who cited Bullinger's "eminent service in the Church in the department of Biblical criticism." His name is established with the greats because of his ability with language critique. One of his great feats was the life long, authoring of the famous COMPANION BIBLE, but he also authored several other classics among which is his fabulous study and research in the subject we are discussing in this article namely “THE WITNESS OF THE STARS”

Another respected author was Frances Rolleston with her entitled volume called simply “MAZZAROTH” and then there is another book on the same subject, entitled “GOSPEL IN THE STARS” by an equally enlightened author named Joseph A Seiss and yet there are others. In relation to the signs being a warning or omen of future events, it is very real and extremely significant, as further explanation will clearly show.

Psalm 19 begins with the following declarations of which, the actual words of scripture are written here in normal lettering, whereas the word meanings in Biblical ancient interpretation are written in accentuated Bold lettering and introduced between brackets so they are not confused as the actual scriptures themselves.

Verse 1. “The heavens (or dwelling place of celestial bodies), declare (recount, enumerate, commune, speak or inscribe) the glory (splendour, limitless, honour, richness) of God, and the firmament (expanse, or stretching out of sky) shows (manifests, makes conspicuous, announces, predicts, exposes, reveals) Gods handy work (plan, activity, art, needlework, purpose, power)

Verse 2. “Day (a period of time from sunrise to sunset or from sun up to sun up, perpetual) after day (perpetually, continually) speech (utterances, commands, sayings promises) is uttered (gush forth, proceed, flow, pour forth as to prophesy). Night (fold away, shut out light, closing of daylight) unto night (a period of time from sunset to sunrise as opposed from sunrise to sunset, perpetual), (learning, awareness, prognostication, comprehension, discernment, revelation) is shown forth (exemplified, demonstrated, preserved, re-established)

Verse 3. There is no speech (people who communicate, human conversation or verbal utterance group) nor language (words, talk, counsel, legislation, translation, message) where this voice (call, sound, story, proclamation) can not (fails) to be heard (to hear, give attention to, perceive, be warned, understand)

Verse 4. Their line (measure, connection, conjunction, position, circle, rim) is gone out (proceeds spreads out extends) through all (whole, entire, any and every) the earth (land, country, nations, world) and their words (discourse, talk, message, report) to the end (extremity, infinite, border) of the world. (globe, inhabitants, created regions, terrestrial) In them he has set (positioned placed ordained) a tabernacle (home, abode, dwelling place allotment) for the sun, (brilliant, bright, glorious, illumination)

Verse 5. Which is like (symbolised or likened to), as a bridegroom (husband) coming out (appearing, proceeding to reception, going forth to obtain) from his chamber, (canopy, chamber, closet, protective shelter, The Hebrew word is chuppa which is the English word covering) as mentioned in Isaiah 4 ; 5 DEFENCE, is the word translators used here for the marriage canopy, which the bridegroom draws his bride under, to express his commitment to protect and defend her. The Chuppa is the small canopy held up by 4 posts under which the bride groom stands and reaches out and takes his bride drawing her back under that same canopy. and rejoices (elation, overjoyed, enthusiastic, excited) like a strong man (giant, warrior, champion, triumphant) in running a race (attaining the win finishing the course completing the purpose).

Verse 6. His going forth (issuance forth, utterance, progressive purpose) is from the end (extremity, frontier, farthest border) of the heaven, (ultimate height, highest, loftiest) and his circuit (revolving course, seasonal cycle, progressive cyclic revelation) to the ends of it (uttermost, extremity, outer limits) and there is nothing (zero, nil, no exceptions) hidden (reservation, concealed, covert, camouflaged) from the heat thereof (influence, energy, outcomes, unfolding effects).

What then does all this mean? Please allow me the liberty to put my own simple but honest verbal expression of what is being revealed here in this section of scripture, which by the way is actually in itself very profound and confirmed by many others much more professionally and authoritatively than I.  I will take the time to elaborate on this issue in greater detail in my next segment or particularly, Part 3 of this lengthy article of this subject matter.

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