This revised version of this former article is resubmitted to explain and correct some of the intricate anomalies that were unwisely permitted in the former submission. This particular segment of the complete article picks up where it left off in part 2, after quoting Psalm 19 and its word definitions and subsequent interpretation consecutively verse by verse. I begin by stating the obvious overview of the first half of Psalm 19, that the heavens or constellations in the stars are telling forth a story or can I add displaying a visual to illustrate a story. The stars in the firmament in mid heaven, are constantly revealing this story or message like a painting or tapestry portrays a depicted event in history. In this case however the message is not only historic but very much futuristic, in that as the 48 constellations of the zodiac or Mazzaroth, (Hebrew name for Zodiac) is revolving so the current star signs are changing. This is causing the message contained in this tapestry in the heavenly bodies of the star constellations, to develop incrementally and change, so a message or story or better stated a progressive revelation is evolving over time.

Day after day, Gods purpose and his glorious message of the future and its unfolding revelation is being presented and night after night knowledge and prophecy is being made known. There is no language or people on earth anywhere, that does have been denied the ability to see this audio visual revelation and then set about to understand and interpret this message or prognostication. The cyclic signs of the 48 constellations are created in a circle known as the zodiac (Mazzaroth) and that line of the seasonal signs goes out to the ends of the earth and the inhabited world. It reaches from one end of heaven to the other end, right around the earth. It is designed by God to include the major bodies of the heaven, sun moon and stars and depicts a prophetic message being acted out before our very eyes.

This message or story is prophetic and a revelation to those who will take the time to study it and it tells the story of Gods son, Jesus Christ the Lord, who will go forth from his heavenly dwelling and who will choose out a bride whom he will delight in.  In this zodiacal circle God has engineered a position for the sun, and he has placed it there as a symbol of great light referring to Him (The ultimate light) sending forth his actual son, ( a reflection of that light) who will reach out to all mankind, so that no one can say they did not know. His son Jesus will go forth like a warrior, to claim a bride and he will bring that bride under his protection and cover her with his glory like a man does in the covenant of marriage. The bridegroom places the bride under his chuppa or canopy and there she is safe and protected in His presence forever.

He will delight in her and take her to be with him forever, he is a strong man, a victor and no one can prevent him from his objective. He will succeed in his purpose and then the prophecy will be completed and time will come to an end. At that time the message that began with Virgo, a virgin now ends with a Lion from the tribe of Judah ruling and reigning with his bride the church of his people forever and ever.

On this note I will conclude the final piece of the story which relates to this very year in history, and please note it is, HIS – STORY which concludes in the prophecy of the Book of Revelation chapter 12. It will take a little time to read it and then contemplate its relevance along with its covert and somewhat difficult meaning, but that is what I am trying to do here.

On the 23rd of September 2017 which by the way is the beginning of the three feasts initiated with the feast of trumpets and leading up to the most holy day exactly ten days later. Lev_23:27 Also on the tenth day of this seventh month there shall be a day of atonement: it shall be an holy convocation unto you; and ye shall afflict your souls, and offer an offering made by fire unto the LORD. This Holy day demands the greatest religious observance of all days throughout the Jewish calendar, it is called the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur. It was the only day in the whole year when The High Priest (in this case Aaron would go in to the Ark of the Covenant which was in the most sacred part of the Tabernacle into the MOST HOLY PLACE.

This day would Biblically begin at 6 o’clock p.m. on the start of the 10th day as commanded by God as shown above. Therefore this year in 2017 the Day of Atonement should be exactly ten days after, or following the 23rd of September and in the Jewish method of calculating time their day begins at sundown, 6 O clock in the evening.  However, as is the case with men, they have their ideas of what has to take place and when it should take place, so they change this and that according to their own interpretation, so this year most are acknowledging it to be celebrated on the 29th of September. But you speak to others and they say it is on a different day altogether. This is one reason why I did not want to enter into the dispute of what actual date it is this year and tried to generalise in the last article on this subject, which this article is to correct and re substitute.

The sequence of these happenings relating to the appearance of this star sign on the 23rd of September 2017 is no coincidence, it is actually a major miracle as any Jewish Rabbi will tell you, its precise detail has never happened in thousands of years in the past and will not happen again for thousands of years into the future. Similarities or close likenesses of it have taken place such as at the birth of Christ, but not exactly like this particular appearance. Also the fact that it happens then at this group of the feasts of tabernacles and for it to be seen at that precise time on that very day is simply extraordinary as I will explain. The positioning of this sign at this critical moment and day in time, would demand a planning that dated back to the very beginning of creation when these actual signs and stars were created.

Revelation 12

This chapter, most folk who have studied this will tell you, refers to what is already past history, yet that contradicts the very truth of this last book in the Bible, as the very Greek word name implies “THE APOCALYPSE” or to put it into modern contemporary language “THE UNVEILING”.  An unveiling speaks of a future disclosure, taking the covers off, so to speak and if this was already achieved what is yet to be unveiled. But more importantly, the very scriptures referred to in the book of Revelation themselves, make it abundantly clear it does not refer to the past but to the future. It amazes me that so few people accept or even notice the factual reality of what is spoken in the context of these scriptures and especially considering they are spoken directly by the Lord Jesus himself to John the apostle in person.

The background of the message is conveyed in the context of its tense, and what I refer to here is what Jesus also said when referring to the message he was unveiling or began to reveal. Jesus said to John “Come up hither for I will show you things which must come to pass shortly”. The tense for this prophecies fulfilment is future not past, this phrase or one similar to it, is mentioned a couple of times in other places in the same book and also in the book of Daniel. As you look at the other concepts listed in this chapter you realise, it has to do with a future date not a past date. Take for example the concept of a period of time relating to when this will take place, it mentions a single period of time added to a double period of the same singular period of time mentioned before it, plus a period equal to half of one period called a time. (A time two times and a half a time)

What is a time; It equates to a solar cycle of one year in our earths revolution around the sun. It actually is a solar year of 360 and a bit days in our modern Gregorian calendar but the Jewish calendar has only 360 days, they add another month of thirty days every seven years and their calendar is more accurate than ours. So using the Jewish calculations based on their calendar, not our Gregorian, it equals 3 and a half years of 360 days added together, which is exactly 1260 days as mentioned in the same chapter of Revelation 12. People do not realise it, but in our modern geometry, we use the number 360 to define the number of divisions or degrees in a circle as 360, it equates to one degree of movement or turn of the earth in its circle around the sun in a complete solar cycle of a year. One degree for a day. Modern geometry is based in Hebrew science and mathematics.

This same period of time is referred to in other scriptures as 42 months, as well as simply three and a half years, the important fact to remember here is that this period of 3 and a half years is without exception related and tied to what is known in scripture as a future time of prophesy called the great tribulation period or time of Jacobs (ISREALS) trouble. There is no other time in scripture where this term or period of time is used apart from its association or analogy with trouble or trial, for example, the great famine in the time of Elijah where it did not rain for 3 and a half years.

This time of 3 and a half years mentioned in the New Testament, always is related to the future time known as the period of great tribulation and that period has not happened yet, it also is still future and every teacher or preacher will agree with that. So the question I ask, is how can this portion of prophecy be considered as already past? That is why one must never take a verse of scripture out of its original context and isolated from its back ground. When you do that, you become what is called a heretic, someone who is always adding his personal interpretation to truth, or constantly spreading heresy, literal untruths.

Revelation 12 as mentioned earlier is a profound message that we are approaching the end of the time cycle of prophetic revelation recorded both in scripture and in the tapestry of the Heavens. More importantly it is a sign pointing to the actual detailed fulfilment of the entire chapter and book of Revelation and its unique relation to this very moment in time in which we presently live. The message of this once future but now present prophecy is simple, first It will be a time of direct confrontation between darkness and light, good and evil, God against the devil. This war will be very overt and in your face, it will force everyone to stand on one side or alternatively on the other, there will be no one sitting on the fence. It will be a war that requires divine intervention to bring about a just conclusion, but it will end and in turn bring about a final destruction of all evil and the exposure of all demonic opposition to what the Lord God ordained for the good and blessing of all humanity.

Revelation 12 depicts a global confrontation between the two camps of godly conservative Christian Bible adherents and the opposing alternative antichristian liberal ungodly and even degenerate life stylers. The message contained in this prophecy in the stars is declaring with divine foresight that a war is coming when everyone on the planet will be forced to take sides with one or the other which will expose the sentiments and convictions that guide and govern each human individual. Ultimately this exposure will determine, on which side each individual will stand and remember that behind all conflict there are diverse opinions which are motivated by varied ideals some good some corrupt. This psychological and physical conflict will expose where the general manipulators of world commerce and politics stand right now, showing which of them, sadly the majority, are on the side of greed, lust, power and control. Sadly also and more appropriately labelled disgraceful, the actual winners and losers in this morality and ideological war will be determined by ones alignment with or rejection of, the present global elite power mongers. It will all conclude with the rich and powerful ruling everything and alternatively, the poor and the defenceless losing everything even their power of choice. In other words corruption will prevail.

But conversely the ultimate outcome will not be determined by human greed but by divine intervention on behalf of the meek, defenceless and downtrodden by the Lord himself. Capitalism can work, only if the capitalists did what the scripture states and take care of the weak, but that requires a compassionate and humble heart and that only comes from a moral ethical and just consciousness based on Gods standards the Bible. That summary of character quality, sounds like a description of what we would call biblical godliness, and that is what Revelation 12 depicts, will be the ultimate outcome of this contest between Jesus and Satan or light and darkness.

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