Prophetic Word for May 14, 2014

"I see conflict in the church in America between Ishmael and Isaac. Many churches and congregations in this land being birthed in the flesh. Others receiving a make over into the realm of the flesh. Led by managers and motivational speakers instead of messengers. Speaking to the flesh of their […] Read more »

Steve Hill Prophecy for 2012 “Persecution Will Increase in US”

Steve HillProphecy 2012:  "Persection will increase in the US" Steve Hill: Charisma Magazine - "Prophetic Insight" 4th Jan 2012 At the threshold of this New Year, people everywhere are concerned. Escalating political, economic and social unrest have caused many, even believers, to become perplexed and fearful about the future. Jesus […] Read more »

By Ian Johnson: “Acceleration into Blessing”

Acceleration into Blessing by Ian Johnson"His Amazing Glory Ministries"   Ian Johnson is an itinerant Prophetic Revelator and Revivalist from Auckland, New Zealand after having served for many years in pastoral ministry. "Acceleration into Blessing" ... by Ian Johnson ( For nearly 40 years the Children of Israel were in […] Read more »

By Cindy Jacobs: “A Perspective on the Japanese Earthquake”

A Perspective on the Japanese Earthquake by Cindy Jacobs, Charisma Magazine As one looks across the face of the earth today, it doesn't take a large amount of spiritual discernment to see that things are shaking as has been prophesied over the past few years. Many voices, including mine, have […] Read more »

Logan Anderson ~ Editorial “Christchurch Earthquake, NZ: ~ Prophecy, Judgement, Grace & Revival

Logan Anderson ~ Editorial   " The Christchurch Earthquake ~ New Zealand: ... Prophecy, God, Man, Judgement, Restoration and Revival" This time one week ago, 10.00 am (Queensland time – 1.00 pm NZ time)  I and others were in a prayer meeting here in Gold Coast Australia, praying for revival […] Read more »