Favour and Will. God’s or Man’s.

Raised in a Christian home and spending many hours in Church like a lot of us, I have received an education that has been largely influenced unfortunately by man and at times unfortunately wrongly influenced. I have heard the word favour preached many times, but who's favour ? Obviously it was meant that it was God's favour, however I look back now and see that some just wanted God to bless them in their endeavors. Today I asked the Lord after pondering this word favour to give me HIS favour in what I am doing so that HE can show me the direction in which I should be pointing for I believe that HIS true favour in my life will lead to a yoke that IS easy, a burden that IS light and His will in my life. The Word of God is for us with the guidance by the Holy Spirit, man need not interfere. I am as guilty as anyone else in previous times of taking on my own will as gospel and leading my life accordingly, bad decision. When Mel Gibson made The Passion of the Christ, the scene that hit home for me and gave me a revelation some years ago was when Jesus said, " But let your will be done, not mine." I rang my wife one day after thinking about this statement by Jesus and said to her that the hardest thing for a man to kill is his own will. Thank Jesus he was able to press forward to the Cross and more importantly leaving the tomb empty.     

I have no right but to lay down my life in total obedience to Him.