By Cindy Jacobs: “A Perspective on the Japanese Earthquake”

A Perspective on the Japanese Earthquake by Cindy Jacobs, Charisma Magazine As one looks across the face of the earth today, it doesn't take a large amount of spiritual discernment to see that things are shaking as has been prophesied over the past few years. Many voices, including mine, have […] Read more »

Logan Anderson ~ Editorial “Christchurch Earthquake, NZ: ~ Prophecy, Judgement, Grace & Revival

Logan Anderson ~ Editorial   " The Christchurch Earthquake ~ New Zealand: ... Prophecy, God, Man, Judgement, Restoration and Revival" This time one week ago, 10.00 am (Queensland time – 1.00 pm NZ time)  I and others were in a prayer meeting here in Gold Coast Australia, praying for revival […] Read more »