THE ROCKFELLER FOUNDATIONS LETTER TO THE WORLD ON A NEW WORLD ORDER Brian Hay, 10 Sep 2013 In what appears to be a genuine email sent from Rockefeller Global Communications, the globalist elite agenda supporting a destructive planetary shift is outlined with stunning clarity. The message is authentic, powerful, and […] Read more »

Psychological Global Lobotomy To Control Society ~ by Brian Hay

By Brian Hay: "Psychological Global Lobotomy To Control Society" This covert subtlety began with a plan of humanistic simplification and intentional dumbing down of the Word of God's Bible, mentioned in many of my previous articles. It has continued, largely without the public's knowledge, concerning undermining doctrine and truth and […] Read more »

The Death of Free Speech – Part 2: “Internet Censorship”

The Death of Free Speech - Part 2: "Internet Censorship" The second feature in a series on 'Freedom of Speech' By S. Anderson The advent of the internet has opened up the world to the sharing of information and provided a forum of expression for anyone with access to it. […] Read more »

America under the Imperial Roman Eagle

America Under The Imperial Roman Eagle by Dorothy A. Seese There is no doubt that the rise and fall of the United States of America bears a close resemblance to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, from its days as a representative republic to the final collapse in […] Read more »

End Times Visionaries: Barry Smith

BARRY SMITH Barry Rumsey Smith (10 May 1933 - 27 June 2002) was a preacher and author from New Zealand. Smith travelled extensively preaching throughout the Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. He authored eight books with the theme of end times prophecy. His writings also appeared […] Read more »

Climate Change: Part 1- One World Government

CLIMATE CHANGE: PART I - ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT            By S. Anderson Copenhagen Climate Change Conference - A One World Government Agenda The United Nations held a world conference on climate change from December 7th to 18th 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. On the surface this conference appeared to be organized […] Read more »